Recreational Classes



Each class includes stretching and strength in addition to instruction on vault, uneven bars, beam, floor and trampoline/tumble track. The trained staff are dedicated to teaching your children the principles of Gymnastics and develop their coordination and motor skills. Gymnastics will not only increase your child's physical abilities, they will also learn life skills such as perseverance, discipline, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. We focus on learning technical gymnastic skills in addition to building self-esteem, goal setting, trying new things, overcoming fears and working hard.


You & Me

Walker up to 3 yrs

Ages 3-5

In this class we encourage parents to allow the relationship between the instructor and the child to develop. Parents are more than welcome to observe through the lobby. We will open your child's eyes to hundreds of new ways to move, swing, roll, bend, and balance their bodies. Students must have reached their 3rd birthday and be completely potty-trained in order to register. *Students who are 5 may be recommended for a Divisional Class by Coach.

Children will explore gymnastics equipment in a safe environment under the supervision of a gymnastics instructor.  Participation is encouraged and guided by a parent.  This class is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend time together, while learning new gross motor skills and also offering a place for the children to socialize. These children will begin to learn their basic gymnastics positions through music, games, and use of manipulative. Only the registered child may participate with one parent, no siblings. (Parent participation required, only one parent per child) 


Division 2

Division 1

Ages 5+

Ages 6 +

A Division 2 class is designed for children who have taken gymnastics for at least one year.  These children are comfortable with their basic positions and skills and have a basic understanding of each piece of equipment.  In this class, gymnasts will continue to train their basic skills and begin to add more difficult requirements to their mastered skills. Examples of necessary skills are a backward roll, handstand, and cartwheel.

A Division 1 class is designed for children 5 years and older who are new to the sport of gymnastics.  This program will teach basic gymnastics skills on Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Vault and Trampoline/Tumble Track. Gymnasts will become comfortable with beginner gymnastics positions and skills.


Boys Classes

Ages 5+

Our boys gymnastics classes are designed to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. The boys will go through age and ability appropriate skill progressions, and will be instructed on Floor Exercise, Bars, Rings, Vault, Tumble Trak, and Trampoline. They will work on proper body shapes, techniques, and mechanics of gymnastics skills, and will continue to build on them as they advance.


Gym Ninja Classes (Girls and Boys)

Ages 5+


Gym Ninja is a class designed to build, strength, coordination and agility through gymnastics tumbling as well as obstacle courses. This class will
concentrate on basic Floor tumbling, with Tumble Track and Trampoline added to enhance tumbling skills. These skills will then be incorporated into
“Ninja” obstacle courses which will change each week.


Invitation Only

Ages 7+

This class will take Gym Ninja to the next level, with advanced tumbling, trampoline and obstacle courses.


Tumbling Classes 


Ages 5+ 

Must understand how to do a cartwheel and bridge up with straight arms.



Ages 5+

Must have an unassisted bridge kickover on floor and master a cartwheel.


  Ages 7+

Must have an unassisted standing back handspring on floor.

Tumbling program is designed for the more serious gymnasts or cheerleaders interested in improving their tumbling skills on the Floor and Trampoline.  Students will work on basic floor skills to continue strengthening their bodies, as well as the essential tumbling skills for cheerleaders such as back handsprings and round-offs (when ready).


Invitational Classes

Division 4 Prep

Division 3

Ages 6+, 8+, & 10+

Ages 6+

This class is designed for students who show great improvement in strength and flexibility, enabling them to master their basic skills.  These gymnasts will begin to increase their strength and flexibility in order to introduce drills for more advanced skills.  It will take 1 or more years to complete the requirements of Division 3. Examples of necessary skills are a bridge kickover, mastered handstand, and pull-over on Bars.

This class is designed for students who have mastered their basic skills through strength, flexibility, form, and technique. These gymnasts will learn intermediate skills on all Olympic events. In this class gymnasts will prep for moving up to Division 4. Examples of necessary skills are back bend, back hip circle on bars, and a handstand on low beam.


Division 5

Division 4

Ages 6+

Ages 6+

Must have completed at least 1 year of Division 4. Must be recommended by an instructor to enroll in this class. Example of necessary skill is a standing back handspring

Gymnasts will work on intermediate through advanced skills. Must be evaluated or recommended by an instructor to enroll in this class. It will take most gymnasts 1 or more years to complete the requirements. Some examples of necessary skills are a front limber, back hip circle on bars, and handstand on high beam.




Ages 3-5

Ages 5-8