Class Descriptions

YOU & ME                      Ages: 16 months – up to 3 yrs (Parent participation required)

Children will explore gymnastics equipment in a safe environment under the supervision of a gymnastics instructor.  Participation is encouraged and guided by a parent.  This class is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend time together, while learning new gross motor skills and also offering a place for the children to socialize. These children will begin to learn their basic gymnastics positions through music, games, and use of manipulatives.  Only the registered child may participate with parent, no siblings. 

PRE GYM 3-5                 Age: 3, 4, *5 yrs                         

In this class we encourage parents to allow the relationship between the instructor and the child to develop. Parents are more than welcome to observe through the lobby. We will open your child's eyes to hundreds of new ways to move, swing, roll, bend, and balance their bodies.  These gymnasts will become comfortable with gymnastic positions, skills and apparatus while having FUN! Students must have reached their 3rd birthday and be completely potty-trained in order to register. *Students who are 5 may be recommended for a Divisional Class by invitation of instructor only.


SUPERTOTS                     Ages 3 to 5yrs                           

HOTSHOTS                      Ages: 5 to 8 yrs                        

This class is by invitation only for young children who demonstrate a high level of maturity and interest in the skills and techniques required.​ Must be recommended by an instructor.



Check out our Play Group option for this age group!



Dynamix Gymnastics

Pre Gym Gymnastics 

(Age 16 Months - 5 Years)

Dynamix Gymnastics