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June 24 - August 23

Annual Membership Fee:

One Child: $35/yr

Family: $60/yr

Membership is annual. New members pay upon registration.

Member Registration

New Member Registration

May 6

May 16

Registrants have the choice of doing 7 or 9 weeks. NOTE: If you are enrolling  for 7 weeks, note days you will not be attending in the comments section.


1 Class/ 9 Weeks

2 Classes/ 9 Weeks

1 Class/ 7 Weeks

2 Classes/ 7 Weeks

Pre Gym, You & Me, Division 1,2,3, Gym Ninja & Tumbling

Supertots & Adv. Gym Ninja

(1.25 hours)

Division 4 & 5 ( 2 hours)

Division 4 Prep & Hotshots

(1.5 hours)

Pre - Team - 2 classes/week (1.75 hour's class)

$225 ( two payments of $112.50)

$305 (two payments of 152.50)

$335 (two payments of 167.50)

$420.00 (two payments of $210.00)

$427.50 ( two payments of $213.75)

$636.50 (two payments of $318.25)

$798.00 (two payments of $399.00)

$690.00 (two payments of $345.00)

$179 (two payments of $89.50)

$240.00 (two payments of $120.00)

$265 (two payments of $132.50)

$330.00 (two payments of $165.00)

$340 (two payments of $170.05)

$503.50 (two payments $251.25)

$627.00(two payments of $313.50)

Make Up/ Attendance Policy

Gymnasts MUST be called out absent prior to their scheduled class to be eligible to make up a missed class. Active gymnasts (ages 5+) can make up one missed class every eight weeks in Open Gym, gymnasts under 5 years of age will be scheduled in an open Pre Gym class. Make ups must be scheduled through the front desk, gymnasts must be actively enrolled in class to schedule make up classes. Unused make up classes expire eight weeks after the missed class. We do not credit/refund for missed classes. Make-ups will not be permitted for scheduled holidays.

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation forms must be submitted by the 10th of the month prior to a new tuition month. Cancellations after the start of a new tuition cycle will not receive a refund or credit. Refunds will not be given after the start of a tuition cycle at any time for programs canceled by participants, unless a physician's note is submitted with a refund request. ANY REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE CHARGED A $15 PROCESSING FEE. 

Click here to complete and submit cancellation form.

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