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Important Dates

Parent Conferences

6/17 -  6/21

Early Summer Break

6/16 - 6/23

Bar Clinic (Groups A,B,C *See details below)


Group D Bars & Beam Clinic (*See details below)


Beam/Floor Clinic ( Groups A,B,C *See details below)


End of Season Red Carpet Event (Team Party)


First Day Of Summer Team Practice


Team Snack on Saturdays

The Diamond and Silver gymnasts will have about 10 minutes to have a healthy snack on Saturdays. Gymnasts are encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast to properly fuel for practice as well as pack a snack to eat while they are here. If your gymnast forgets, they can purchase a snack from the front desk.

Things Your Gymnast Needs

The copper and bronze levels need no more than 1 lb and diamond and up no more than 1.5 lb ankle weights. These can be purchased easily at Amazon or Five Below. Please label with your gymnast’s name. Please also make sure your gymnast has tape (available at the front desk). The girls also need wristbands. Even if they do not use grips, they will need a pair of wristbands to keep in their cubby for strap bar.


Practice with your team the week before the meet is mandatory.This means gymnasts are expected to be at their practice on time and for the full duration of the practice (no leaving early).

Please use the 2023-2024 attendance tracker to report any absences.

This helps coaches properly plan practices for the girls. With vacations, this is extremely important to make sure we are utilizing our time with the girls the best we can, and this means being able to plan practices for the number of girls we expect to be there. Please help us out with this! Also a friendly reminder that gymnasts must attend 85% of practices in order to compete.

Pick up

Please make sure to pick your gymnasts up on time. Due to safe sport regulations and Dynamix policies, two staff members must be present at all times and if you are late picking up, two staff members are late leaving the gym. Please respect our staff's time and be a few minutes early for pick up. This has been an issue particularly on Friday evenings.

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